AARP Coronavirus Tele-Town Halls

Experts answer your questions related to COVID-19
  1. The State of LGBTQ Equality in the COVID Era

     June 24, 7 pm

    Listen to  a replay of the live event above.

  2. Older Americans have been hard hit by the coronavirus and LGBTQ older adults are particularly vulnerable and more likely to have adverse consequences from COVID-19. This event addressed the impact of the pandemic on older LGBTQ adults, as well as providing information about  the Equality Act and how AARP is fighting to improve the health, finances and well-being of older LGBTQ adults. 

    The Experts:

    • Oni Blackstock, MD, MHS,
      Founder and Executive Director,
      Health Justice

    • Jason E. Starr,
      Director of Litigation,
      Human Rights Campaign

    • Rodrigo Heng-Lehtinen,
      Deputy Executive Director,
      National Center for Transgender Equality

    • Annise Parker,
      President & CEO,
      Victory Institute 
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